Launch of eVito

client: Mercedes

My role

Project director

About the project

The goal of this project was to receive as many test drive registrations as possible for the then newly launched electric variant of the Vito delivery van: the eVito. Together with a team of brand-, persuasion-, copy, UX and visual design specialists at Buyerminds a concept was developed. The idea was that all the benefits and information about the eVito was presented to the user in a very intuitive way, arousing curiosity. By means of an eye-catching scroll-down, each USP was presented with a full-page image and catchy copy. A total of 3 different pop-ups were shown throughout this scrolling journey, to encourage action.


The number of registrations was almost double the target and after the Netherlands, Mercedes Europe gave the green light to roll it out in all European countries. I managed this entire project.

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